STAZ Hotel Jeju Robero located in front of Gwandeokjeong where traces of Jeju
history can be found, it is located close to Jeju Airport and it is in a walking distance from 
Dongmun Market so guests can enjoy long breaks during a short weekend stay in Jeju.

No pins dropped.

Mokgwana, Gwandeokjeong

As one of the oldest building in Jeju, the building symbolizes Jeju-do. You can wear hanbok from the Hanbok rental store in front of Gwandeokjeong and experience the traditional culture of Jeju. From the high floors of Jeju Robero, guests can overlook the exotic landscape along with the sea that can be seen behind Gwandeokjeong.

Location19, Gwandeok-ro, Jeju-si (located opposite the main entrance of the hotel)
Information+82 64-710-6717
1 minute by walk

Dongmun Traditional Market

Dongmun night market which is one of the most popular course in Jeju, travelers can enjoy Jeju until late at night. It is always filled with tourists because of the many food sold in food trucks. In a 10-minute walking distance from Jeju Robero, it is a place where you can plan shopping in traditional markets.

Location16, Dongmun-ro, Ildo 1-dong, Jeju-si
10 minutes by walk

Yongduam Rock

As a rock that resembles the shape of a dragon head located in the sea near Yongyeon, Yongdam-dong, there is a legend about a dragon twisting its body in pain and crying out until it became a rock because it couldn't ascend to the sky.

Location15, Yongduam-gil, Yongdam 2-dong, Jeju-si
5 minutes by car

Jeju Cafe Street

Jeju Care Street, located along the Yongdam coastal road behind Jeju Airport, many sightseeing spots, such as Yongduam Rock, Yongdam Leports Park and Eoyoung Park can be found along the coast. This is not only a famous driving course but also, it is famous for Olle 17 Course

LocationYongdam 3-dong, Jeju City
10 minutes by car

Tapdong Square

It is a cultural space where busking performances are held and where people can take a walk while looking at the night sea.

LocationGeonip-dong, Jeju-si
5 minutes by car

Saranbong Peak

Sarabong Peak which signifies fine silk, it is famous for the beautiful sunset. At the summit of Sarabong Peak, breathtaking view of the Jeju sea unfolds in front while Hallasan Mountain can be seen at the back.

Location74, Sarabongdong-gil, Jeju-si
5 minutes by car

Folklore and Natural History Museum

It is a place where unique ancient and folk materials of Jeju-do as well as animal, mineral, plant and marine plant materials are collected, researched and exhibited. Since its foundation on May 24, 1984, it exhibits actual materials, replicas and mannequins in three-dimension, enabling visitors to understand the culture of Jeju easily in exotic environment.

Location40 Samseong-ro, Jeju-si (Ildo-dong)
Information+82 64-710-7708
7 minutes by car

Iho Tewoo Beach

Iho Tewoo Beach, a famous popular spot of Jeju because of the pony lighthouse is the closest sea from Jeju Robero and it is a favorite beach among surfers. Pine tree forest behind the sandy beach makes it a perfect place for camping.

Location20, Dori-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
20 minutes by car

Halla Arboretum

Over 1,000 wild plants of Jeju are exhibited in this arboretum and there is a forest park over 50,000 pyeong so visitors can heal their minds and souls. In addition, it is well equipped with a tacking course, offering easy tracking for lovers and families.

Location2484 Yeon-dong, Jeju-si
5 minutes by car


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